No Car, No Problem

No Car No ProblemWho really needs their car? Well, a lot of people have reason after reason of why they need their car, but do we need to use it a frequently as we do? Sure, Orlando doesn’t have the best public transit. We are in dire need of an overhaul in regards to bus schedules, routes, and stops. Our attitude towards bikes has been getting better, but certain major streets are desperately lacking a safe bike lane. Ultimately, I think there is room for imporvement in our decision to when we use our car as well as a responsibility for our city officials to help make practical changes to a sick system.

During the month of February I’ll be embarking on an experiment.

The Rules:
– I can not drive my car; or anyone’s car for that matter
– My main modes of transport will be Lynx bus, my bike, my own two feet, and carpooling as a passenger (should the need or opportunity arise)
– I must track the length of travel in time, miles, and cost.


I will be tracking all of my adventures here on my site, as well as my Twitter (thebuffington) and Instagram (thebuffington).

I’m eager to see what areas of my life will be affected. There are obvious one, time spent traveling, distances I can reasonably travel to. Hopefully though, there will be more positives such as time to read and catch up on work while on the bus, increased physical activity via riding my bike and walking. I’m also looking forward to the all of the conversations and relationships that will be born out of this project.

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