No Car: Update 3

Feb 7th is when I began a new way of getting to the bus. Relying on 2 routes demonstrated to me that I’d have less control over my ability to travel, and less control over arriving to my destination on-time. What if another bus comes and already has a full bike rack, or if that 1st bus is late and makes me late for my second bus. Finding out on the 6th, that I’m only a 10-13 min ride from the Lynx Central Station, let me see how close it really was. So now I decide which bus I want to ride from the Central Station, bike there, and depart. It has helped me feel more secure with my rides. This day I arrived for the earlier route that would put me in arriving ahead of time. Sure enough, that bus I aimed for was late by 10 minutes, then didn’t even depart for another 10. If you’re taking a long route for a while, I’ve noticed it is best to pick a seat in the back. Sure enough, that later departure put me in later than scheduled, but early compared to if I had taken the later bus. This night ride home was the same as before, the bus came on-time to depart, and on-time in arrival at the station.

When relying on the bus, take your plans and throw them out the window. Your new plan is no plan.


Feb 8th was a small video shoot with my friend CJ. I had to pack my camera gear into my backpack (thankfully this video didn’t require my tripod; or that would have been an interesting bike ride). After the shoot I found out my roommate had a shift similar to mine, but 1 hour earlier, so I rode in his car with him both ways. I seized that hour long window to get some work done in front of the Nordstroms café.

 Brick roads suck while biking. They may look pretty, but when you have to ride them on your bike, you want to tear them up and throw down asphalt. 

Feb 9th was the first day I was scheduled to lead a workshop. Only thing is I have to be in at 8am. So I woke up super early to make sure I could still have breakfast and not rush. Similar to the night bus’ this one was on-time to depart and arrive. This is also the first time I realized, not each bus is the same (which might seem obvious now, but you truly see the differences when riding them). The bus the night before had the most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat on. The bus this morning was like sitting on a cloud. I wish every bus I rode was like this. So it appears some of the bus’ in the fleet are a bit older than others. Despite this, I have yet to ride a dirty bus. Every single bus I have been on has been clean. I’m not saying I’d eat off the floor but it has definitely felt clean inside.

On the ride home, I sat next to this little girl and her mother. She was the most adorable thing ever. She was playing peek-a-boo with everyone. A smile so wide I don’t think I ever stopped seeing her teeth. Midway through the ride though, I got hit with a heavy reminder of the environment she was living in. To explain, my route runs down OBT. Looking out the window, it isn’t a pretty picture. I pass strip club after strip club, project after project, poverty and homelessness strewn about. I look back down at this girl and pray that for her sake she never gets trapped into any of this. That she know her worth and value. That she would never be subjected to any exploitation. Despite all of the press, sexual exploitation is not something excluded to places across seas in third world countries, it takes place next door to all of us in our own cities.

Headwinds suck while biking. Recently it has been a bit windy. My bike is a fixed gear, meaning to maintain my speed in these winds, I have to ride twice as hard. A couple times it has felt like I was peddling fast enough to go 30mph but only be traveling at 5mph. 

Feb 10th I got the chance to bike close to 2 hours. My legs were jello-y when I finally went to bed. On half a trip, my friends thew my bike in their van to save me some energy when we went to their house in the evening. Leaving at 11pm I was exhausted. Night riding when tired isn’t the most fun. Music has been a huge help to keeping me active and motivated on my rides. This night I was also made aware of how many intersections do not always have sensitive weight trigger for bikers. This specific intersection was at Aloma and Lakemont. I had to wait through a whole set of lights before a car came up the the lane next to me and instantly triggered it. Not sure why more major intersections don’t have them installed, but it would be a huge plus for commuters who use their bikes.



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