No Car: Update 4 “Sardines”

When I went shopping for groceries prior to this month, I’d always shop small, shop often, and shop fresh. I would bring in 1 reusable bag, fill it as I walked through, and when it was full, that was it! Thankfully that has made this month easy in regards to grocery shopping. The other day though, I was able to fit all my groceries in my backpack except my ‘bogo’ tortilla chips (I really really love tortilla chips). This day happened to be a day with major headwinds. So I’m carrying a super heavy backpack and trying to balance a bag with tortilla chips on the side; which themselves aren’t heavy, but the the bag catching the wind was difficult.


Feb 11th was uneventful. Biked to Walgreens.

Feb 12th is the first time I’d say I truly rode a full bus. Prior to this, there were times all the seats were taken and a couple people had to stand. Not a big deal. Today though, we were truly packed like sardines. I tried taking a photo without being awkward. The photo to the right was actually 85% full, we managed to cram another 10 people into the “standing room”. Later on that day, I was able to observe a woman leaving the bus drop her paycheck, someone realized it, picked it up and chased her down off the bus to give it to her. Awesome.

Chivalry is not dead! About 75% of the time, I never see woman standing. A woman will walk onto the bus, and I’ll see a man shoot up out of his seat and walk towards the back to stand and let her have his seat. 

The above comment did not apply on my ride home that night however. I had the ‘pleasure’ of riding behind 2 men boys who felt the need to talk about every single woman on the bus, and what they thought of her physically. I’m glad they only rode for half the route home because that got annoying irritating.



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