No Car: Update 5

On Feb 13th I worked a ‘day in the life’ of our back of house; not my normal job, but a fun thing to try for a couple days to get some real perspective on how our inventory and product running works. I had to close this night, 1 hour later than normal. I attempted to catch the 11:29 bus (and was banking on it since the one after didn’t come till 12:29). About 11:23 the late 11:00 bus rolled through, and sure enough, my biker’s nightmare happened again. Too many bikes on the bus’ rack. (of course as a bike rider, there are many nightmares, most of which involve fatality, tonight was a milder issue). The bus was practically empty! I think bus drivers should be allowed to use their own discretion in these situations, and let a biker hold their bike on the bus near the front. Especially at nighttime. I had to sit at this stop for another 30 minutes. At 11:55, the now late 11:29 bus rolls through. Not amused.


Feb 14th  I almost missed my morning ride. I got distracted from leaving my house on my bike on time, despite riding super fast on my bike I made it to the station 10 minutes after the bus was supposed to depart. This was a day I was glad the bus was late. It rolled into the station 30 seconds after I arrived. So I hadn’t missed it! Hooray late buses. Yes. I know what I said last night. This won’t be the the last time I’ll say either of those.

It is a love/hate relationship with this whole bus timeliness thing. 

For the first time during this experiment, my night ride home was a rain ride home. Not the first time I’ve been caught in the rain on my bike. One of the recent Critical Mass rides was a huge down pour! It is actually fun (if you’re prepared, which I was, with my rain slick).

Feb 15th included a carpool downtown with my roommate to Creative Mornings: Orlando. I love going to Creative Mornings on the months I can make it. They’re a great way to surround yourself with other creatives and hear someone give a talk centered on creativity. Later that night I biked to and from the Amway Center to watch the Solar Bears. My first ever Solar Bears game! It was a blast, we won in overtime.


Feb 16th was an early morning at work. For the first time this month I fell asleep on the bus. You reach a point of being so comfortable. You know how long your ride is, plus you don’t really deep sleep, so you wake up every couple blocks (make sure you haven’t missed your stop. Which I’m sure has happened many times in the history of public transit).

Feb 17th was like the 16th, freezing cold (by Floridian standards). My roommate drove us to church and back. Later in the evening I biked up to Drunken Monkey (which is where I’m typing out this blog post this very second).


Coming up this week I will be posting a Bike Profile as well as a Backpack Profile, to show you my main form of transportation this month, my bike. Along with my backpack and the items I choose to take with me whenever I leave the house.


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