April 8th

Today started off with a lot of rain. So we only expected to do a bit of greenhouse work. I jokingly told John this morning that with this weather it makes me want to curl up in a blanket, listen to some Bon Iver, and enjoy rain hitting the roof. When we arrived to the greenhouse, (which he shares with another farmer Eric) rain still coming down, we open the door and I hear Bon Iver on the little speaker inside. Talk about a blissful morning seeding a couple trays.

After the rain stopped we pick up and cut down some branches and limbs that had fallen over winter. Earlier in the morning one of the pigs had slipped out of the fenced in area, and after putting her back in, she had escaped later in the day through another spot. Thus the rest of the day was spent fixing the entire fence and stringing electric tape along the bottom so that they won’t try to escape.

During the day I take notes in my phone. The things that jump out as something to remember. Sometimes it’s a series of more questions I want to ask later. Each night I open my phone and transcribe and expound on that information into a medium sized moleskin journal. As I wrote in it tonight, I realized how much this is like school. Except I am loving it! I am super excited to ask questions, learn, take notes, and begin to use these skills and knowledge.

Below is a quote I remembered while we were fixing the pig fence. While we had other plans that evening, priorities set in.

“A farm is a manipulative creature. There is no such thing as finished. Work comes in a stream and has no end. There are only the things that must be done now and things that can be done later. The threat the farm has got on you, the one that keeps you running from can until can’t, is this: do it now, or some living thing will wilt or suffer or die. Its blackmail, really.” – KRISTIN KIMBALL, Author of The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love


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