GoPro Headband

Finding situations on the farm to film with the GoPro began to prove challenging. Of course I need my 2 hands to actually do the work, but I want to be able to capture these moments. Whilst viewing some of GoPro’s videos on their YouTube channel two weekends ago, I remembered they had a headband! So I swung over to REI and bought one. So far I have been extremely pleased with what the footage is looking like. With the headband I am also able able to throw it on other people and capture work from their point of view (and capture me working). A video with footage from this will be coming in the next weeks/months. Things began to pickup on the farm last week, but the rain and extreme cold kept us out of the fields. This week however has been warm(er) and we’ve begun putting potatoes, onions, and leeks into the ground.

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