Attention Span

I’ve been amazed at how quickly we register something visually. When I began making videos they’d end up being at least 2/3 longer than they needed to be. Far too long. I am sure I have bored people beyond their attention spans. Since then I have been able to widdle down a video to the necessary content and message.

While on YouTube the other day, I was watching a commercial; and I saw that each shot was no longer than 1 second. 1 second!!! And yet, when I watched it, I got the message that I needed. I didn’t need to see the intricate tiny details – like the painting on the wall in the background – to know that it was a house. My focus is on the action or thing drawing the most weight too the screen. The background gets registered in conjunction with it. From it, I am able to focus on the content/message and forget the other stuff.
Likewise, I have found Vine app to lend itself inherently to comedy. 6 seconds is all you need for a good joke. Don’t believe me? There are plenty of examples on the app. I’m constantly amazed at what people are able to make with 6 seconds. Comedy isn’t the only thing though. Stop motion has proven to come back with some artists finding the ‘in-app-editing’ (if you can call it that) lending itself to easy content creation.
I don’t want to dive down a tangent on multi-tasking, but I have found it interesting to compare our media from today with the media of 100 years ago. When I watch an old black and white film, and the shot holds for too long, something inside of me gets antsy and wants to scream, “cut the shot down!”. I don’t think this applies to everything as a rule, but at the least, it is a growing trend that appears to be the norm.

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