The Drive

The other night, I went for a walk around the lake nearby my place. I stared up at the moon. Imagine, not knowing what was up there, what was on it. Less than 100 years ago, we had no real idea what it was like to be on the moon. The amazement. The curiosity. The drive to achieve a mission of landing on the moon. What a goal! Now it even seems trivial. Even Mars seems less major because it’s not visible. The moon however, we stare gab smack at it. Getting to see the craters and details of it’s surface as we stand on our hunk of rock. If that’s achievable, what else can we do as a people. How about throw some seeds in the ground and feed people. Teach people how to grow their own small slice of food. To make conscious purchasing decisions with their meals. To take their health back into their own grasp. What if we dared to push ourselves a little further than the couch and the next Netflix episode. What if we dreamt outside of a digital confine and touched soil with our hands. What if …

This thought motivates me with Growing Orlando. Knowing that it’s right there, on the cusp of being.

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